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My name is Ryan Patton. I am a Licensed Automotive Damage Appraiser through the State of Pennsylvania and I have been in the automotive Collision business for over 20 years. I have learned over those years that the Automotive business changes very quickly and at times without notice. To keep competitive in todays market, you must prepare for tomorrow.

During those 20 years, there has always been one concern that I have had with the Collision business. That concern is the environmental pollutants that the industry has been putting out into our environment for Years. It seems to me that my concern grew as I did in the industry. In today’s market, The collision regulations have finally turned toward environmental consciousness.

It has taken a turn for the better by creating laws and regulations to enforce Collision shops to take major steps in Changing the way they repair and refinish vehicles. However, the repair process has not changed, it has only cut down on the amount of waste and pollutants that it puts into our environment.


is Environmentally safe. It is the fastest,most convenient repair today. This repair can be done in most cases in less than 1 hour. It not only saves you time and $$$$ but keeps pollutants out of the Air by keeping your Automobile away from traditional body shop repairs.

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